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Six Proven Ways to Uncover Job Leads

By Lee Hecht Harrison on May 7, 2015

The number of job openings is at its highest level in 14 years, but that doesn’t necessarily mean a job search is going to be a snap. Competition for jobs remains fierce. Uncovering job leads and getting connected to the job market will continue to require a multi-pronged approach. In fact, our recent talent management survey of nearly 400 HR, talent and line leaders revealed that “connections to jobs” is the number one concern of both organizational outplacement decision makers and candidates alike.

So just how can you get the inside track to the position you want? Here are six ways to improve your job search effectiveness and generate job leads now.

  1. Connect through social media. Network on social media channels to introduce yourself to hiring managers. Ninety-two percent of companies use social media in the hiring process, with hiring managers and recruiters relying on LinkedIn more than any other social network. Capture attention and interest by using LinkedIn to establish yourself as a thought leader via forums or blogging.
  2. Connect through professional development. Take a class or weekend seminar to tune up your skills. This not only improves your marketability, but introduces you to other people in your field.
  3. Connect through virtual and in-person job fairs. Get in front of recruiters and hiring managers through a job fair. This is a terrific opportunity to get introductions to decision makers. The new virtual career fair platforms are a high-tech solution for uncovering job leads by providing live, direct access to recruiters and hiring managers without geographic limitations.
  4. Connect through job boards. Post your resume and set alerts on the large job boards, visit the career sites of targeted companies and source niche boards specializing in your industry, function or geography. Check out sites such as Good.Co for lists of industry- and occupational-specific boards.
  5. Connect through professional association meetings. Professional organizations present a unique chance to gather referrals and network with others in your field to uncover who’s hiring (or not hiring), what jobs are available, and even what jobs might become available.
  6. Connect through a mentor or coach. While networking, look for connections willing to mentor or coach you who have their fingers on the pulse of the local job market and business community.  Their business intelligence can be critical in creating a list of targeted companies and job openings.

Take advantage of the improved job market by using multiple tactics that will boost your effectiveness. Be sure to regularly track your activity and measure results so that you’re investing time in activities that drive the best results.

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