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Three Things the Most Successful Job Seekers Do Every Day

By Lee Hecht Harrison on March 16, 2015

Conducting a job search requires a high level of intensity, where both the amount of time spent and the volume of activity matter. The most successful and productive job seekers spend their time on activities that have the greatest return on investment. Some job seekers, however, may feel like they’re spinning their wheels, spending time on less effective activities, losing focus and finding themselves stuck in a rut.

A recent New York Times article reported the results of a study on how non-employed men and women spend their time and found that men watched more television while women spent more time taking care of others. When out of work it can be very easy to slip into the habits outlined in the survey.

At Lee Hecht Harrison we’ve worked with millions of job seekers and have deep insight into the strategies that work best. Here are three things we know the most successful job seekers are doing every day:

  1. Holding new networking conversations. LHH research revealed that the number of contacts made is far more important than any other activity. The average job seeker will need to talk to 25 different decision makers before being hired. How do you get connected to these decision makers? These contacts are often uncovered through networking conversations.
  2. Tracking activity. In order to achieve a goal, you need to measure and assess your progress along the way. Track the number of direct employer contacts, the number and type of networking contacts and the number of job postings you’ve responded to each week. Keep a journal to record how you’ve spent your time so you can continually refocus your efforts by identifying which activities are generating the best results and which activities aren’t adding value.
  3. Following up with contacts. Job seekers with the shortest searches make eight times as many follow-up contacts with decision makers as the job hunters with the longest searches. They understand that circumstances within an organization change and stay connected by circling back to touch base with decision makers on a regular basis.

Understanding the habits of successful job hunters and employing these strategies daily will help you stay productive, focused and on track to land the position you want.

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