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Why Job Seekers Should Consider Temporary Positions While Searching for Full-Time Work

By Lee Hecht Harrison on February 23, 2015

If you haven’t looked into the world of temporary employment lately, you may be in for a surprise. Today, temporary and contract positions are available for professionals across the full spectrum of organizational functions: attorneys, engineers, graphic designers, accountants, computer scientists, health care providers… the list goes on. Temporary talent banks help organizations handle increased work volume, special projects, employees’ leaves of absence, or vacancies that can’t be filled permanently until budgets are allocated.

Even if it’s not your first option, taking a temporary position while you’re in a job search can provide you with opportunities that can pay huge dividends. Here’s why:

  1. Take advantage of new networking. Temporary positions keep you in the workforce mix and give you access to a new and diverse range of people with the opportunity to expand your business network.
  2. Increase your marketability and fill resume gaps. A temporary job can be incorporated into your resume and help bridge the gap between one full-time job and another. It also gives you the edge in a competitive job market as you gain new experience, learn additional skills, and broaden your knowledge.
  3. Get on the inside track to full-time employment. Many companies give candidates a trial run by bringing them onboard via a temporary position. It’s a terrific opportunity to test work quality, productivity, and cultural “fit.” Meanwhile, the candidate has the opportunity to assess the merits of the job, the dynamics of the team, the manager’s style and the organization’s culture.

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