Workplace Trends

Workforce Trends

Job Search Strategy: Look Beyond the Major Job Boards

By Greg Simpson on January 12, 2015

In addition to major job boards like Monster,, and, there are thousands of highly targeted job boards and online communities that cover specific companies, industries or professions, providing a more efficient alternative to the big board search. Here are four sources of job postings that every job seeker should explore:

  1. Niche boards. For active managerial and professional job hunters, the large boards are not always the best. Often, it’s a niche board specializing in a profession, industry, salary level, or location important to the job hunter that’s most useful. Specialty boards include sites like CrunchBoard and Dice (Internet and tech jobs), eFinancialCareers (banking and finance jobs), FlexJobs (telecommuting or flextime positions in 50+ categories), GitHub Jobs (programmer and developer jobs), HealthcareJobsite (healthcare jobs), Joblux (retail positions), Sales Gravy (sales careers), and Talent Zoo (advertising, marketing, and new media jobs).  Check out sites such as Good.Co for lists of industry- and occupational-specific boards.
  2. Company sites. Don’t forget about a company’s website, LinkedIn, Glassdoor or Facebook page. As companies move away from traditional job boards, they’re creating their own communities to source talent. Online company communities provide a forum for individuals to demonstrate expertise, engage and get a feel for the organization’s culture.
  3. Professional associations. Many companies look for top-tier, credentialed talent on the websites of professional associations.  On these sites, jobs and candidates are carefully screened to meet the criteria of the organization, making them among the most targeted sites on the web.
  4. LinkedIn groups. Check in regularly with your LinkedIn Groups, or, better yet, subscribe to receive daily updates so that you are aware of any new job postings shared with members of the group.

Remember, the competition is fierce. Thousands of other job seekers are responding and applying for the same positions. So will job boards produce results? Yes, but probably for just about 10%. The bottom line: Add multiple tactics to your strategy and limit the amount of time spent on job boards.

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