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Measure Your Management Readiness

By Lee Hecht Harrison on December 3, 2014

The most effective leaders are those who demonstrate a high level of learning agility. In fact, learning agility is now a better predictor of management success than experience or education. Agile learners understand people, know how to get results, are determined problem solvers and embrace change through experimentation and the desire to try new things. Are you an agile learner?

The Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology defines learning agility as “a person’s desire and ability to learn from experience, and to then apply their learning to other situations.” The organization further explains that agile learners consistently exhibit four predictors for success: people agility (being self-aware and tolerant), results agility (flexibility and the grit to see jobs through to completion), mental agility (demonstrating curiosity and superior problem-solving skills), and change agility (unafraid of trying new processes or embracing new ideas).

To measure your own learning agility, see how many of the following statements describe your work performance:

  1. I take control of my own career development and make my own opportunities by attending classes and volunteering for cross-training and stretch opportunities.
  2. I solicit feedback about my work from both my manager and co-workers.
  3. I have the confidence to step out of my comfort zone and challenge the status quo.
  4. I’m a “quick study” who masters new concepts easily and has the knowledge and desire to tackle problems and analyze the possible ramifications of potential solutions.
  5. I transfer knowledge from one situation to another in order to develop innovative solutions.
  6. I have a tangible record for delivering results for my organization.
  7. I seek out mentors who can coach me through obstacles that stand in the way of learning agility.

If you answered yes to the questions above, you’re well on the way to moving up the management track.  If, however, you’re missing a few learning agility components, it’s never too late to right your course and focus on mastering the adaptability needed in today’s complex, changing business environment.

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