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Seven Steps to Conduct a Personal Performance Inventory

By James Greenway on November 26, 2014

Employers have made a considerable investment in each employee. Beyond salary, thousands of dollars are spent on benefits including insurance, vacation, tuition reimbursement, training, retirement matching, as well as lifestyle benefits such as daycare and commuter stipends. In fact, the BLS reports that benefits now account for 30 percent of the total compensation package. But is your employer’s investment paying off? Are they getting a strong return on their investment in you?

Regardless of the function performed, there are several key performance areas where you should hold yourself accountable:

  1. Quality: Am I committed to doing my best work every day? No matter how routine the work, do I show it the attention it deserves?
  2. Innovation: Do I look for new ways to perform a task? Do I regularly share new ideas that could improve performance, quality or customer service?
  3. Productivity: How does my productivity rate among my peers? Am I meeting departmental goals? If not, what’s hindering my performance and how do I overcome the challenge?
  4. Teamwork: Do I listen to and respect the opinions of other team members? Do I help colleagues get the job done—even though it might not be in my job description?
  5. Attitude: Do I show enthusiasm for new assignments and display an eagerness to learn? Am I consistently projecting a positive attitude to internal and external customers?
  6. Professionalism: Do I dress and act like I’m a serious contender for a promotion? Do I avoid gossip and petty office disputes that can tarnish my reputation?
  7. Adaptability: Do I accept—or better yet embrace—changes in processes, products, personnel, management, ownership? Have I developed the resilience required to tolerate ambiguity?

Considering the investment employers have made in you, it’s your responsibility to take the steps necessary to consistently demonstrate your value and worth. Taking an inventory of your performance serves as a reminder of what’s important and helps you stay focused on achieving your goals.

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