Workplace Trends

Workforce Trends

Majority of Job Seekers Move Searches Mobile

By Greg Simpson on November 3, 2014

Mobile technology is rapidly changing how job seekers look for new positions. By removing barriers and increasing accessibility, job seekers have real-time insight to job postings. The just-released results of an LHH’s online survey reveal that 90% of job seekers utilize mobile devices to conduct key functions when looking for their next career opportunity. Only one in 10 workers isn’t using mobile applications.

LHH surveyed 375 job seekers asking, “How do you use a mobile device for your job search?” The results found:

33%   Search for jobs
22%   Research companies
20%   Online networking
15%   Apply for jobs
10%   I don’t

Landing a new position requires more than a great resume—it requires speed, connections and flexibility. Mobile technology is profoundly altering the ways job seekers find employers and employers find prospective candidates—enabling companies and job seekers to search smarter, connect faster and hunt anywhere, anytime. Going mobile keeps job seekers connected and facilitates the quick response needed when applying for an open position.

With a mobile device, job seekers can search for positions, apply for jobs that match their profile, connect directly via social networks with recruiters and employers, and get career advice in the moment. Job search behaviors are evolving to take advantage of emerging technology. The savvy job seeker will want to use all the tools now available.

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