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Six Easy Ways to Make Managing Your Career a Daily Habit

By Helene Cavalli on September 15, 2014

For those who are serious about managing their careers, LinkedIn is your go-to network.  A recent LHH online poll reveals that LinkedIn has become a daily habit for 57 percent of professionals. More than just a resource to manage contacts, LinkedIn opens doors to people, information and opportunity that were once hard to find. It’s changing the dynamics of the labor market. With nearly all companies now turning to LinkedIn to find passive as well as active job seekers, it’s clear that an individual’s presence on LinkedIn is an important career management tool. Those who are not engaging could be losing out on potential career opportunities.

A daily commitment to LinkedIn of 15 minutes can greatly improve your networking opportunities and online presence, thus making it easier for recruiters and hiring managers to find you. Here are six suggestions for making the most of your daily time on LinkedIn:

  1. Go mobile.  Download LinkedIn’s mobile app so that you have quick access anytime, anywhere to your network.  It will provide you immediate news on the activities of your connections, industry tips and the opportunity to quickly respond to InMails.
  2. Keep up-to-date. Quickly scan your home feed and acknowledge the accomplishments of your connections.  Effective networking is based on reciprocity, so give to get.
  3. Read. Your Pulse feed will feature a snapshot of the latest industry news and give you the opportunity to follow some of the world’s top thought leaders.
  4. Make connections.  Extend a personal invitation to connect to people you’ve recently met.  Waiting too long after an introduction will diminish the impact of your invitation.
  5. Add value to groups.  Build a positive reputation by joining groups related to your field or personal interests, checking them daily, and participating in conversations.
  6. Update skills.  Scan through the jobs tab to see what skills are in demand and update your profile’s “Top Skills” section to include some you may have overlooked.

Using LinkedIn effectively doesn’t require a huge investment of time. By updating your profile on a regular basis and then devoting just 15 minutes a day to LinkedIn activities, you can stay informed, connected, visible and market-ready.

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