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How to Say “Thanks” After an Interview

By Greg Simpson on June 12, 2014

You’ve just left the interview and feel a rush of relief.  What’s your next step?  Following up with a thank you note, of course.  A strong thank-you email is the equivalent of revisiting the office, once again putting yourself in front of the key decision makers.

Jessica Liebman, Managing Editor of “Business Insider,” advises job seekers to skip the “snail mail” thank you note and instead opt for the follow-up email.  Email is immediate; mail service is not. In today’s 24/7 world, the two or three days it could take for a letter to reach its recipient may be too long.  Initiating an email also offers the opportunity for the interviewer to respond quickly.

For the greatest impact, always send the email within 24 hours after an interview.  When using email, keep your communication professional, proofread carefully and make sure you spell your interviewer’s name correctly. If you interviewed with more than one person, send a separate email to each.  Remember to collect a business card from each interviewer to ensure you have their correct contact information. And avoid the look of a generic response by customizing each email by referencing something specific in your discussion with each person.

Here are three simple points to cover in your communication:

  • Thank your interviewer for his or her courtesy and time.
  • Emphasize important points you feel position you as the strongest candidate.
  • Indicate enthusiasm for the job and why you’re the perfect fit based on what you know about the company’s needs and culture.

Your thank you email could help seal the deal so treat it with the importance it deserves.

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