Workplace Trends

Workforce Trends

Two Important Job Search Trends You Don’t Want to Ignore

By Greg Simpson on June 10, 2014

Technology is transforming the art and science of conducting a successful job search, and the innovations just keep coming. Here are two trends to consider.

  1. Everyone’s going mobile. Searching smarter, connecting faster, hunting anywhere, anytime are among the reasons 89% of job seekers rely on mobile devices in their job search. A number of free apps are available online to drive the process. Check out these five free apps for better job hunting.  They can help you search for jobs by geography, identify positions matching your profile and connect directly with recruiters and employers. There’s even an app for practicing interview questions. Going mobile keeps you apprised of breaking opportunities and can help you hone job acquisition skills.
  2. Go social or go home. Many jobs are never advertised. In fact, employers are beginning to dismiss traditional job postings as ineffectual in identifying candidates who not only fit the job’s skill requirements but the organization’s culture. Before pulling the job-granting trigger, they want to know more about you. Increasingly, they’re turning to social media to interact with potential candidates even before positions become available.  In fact, Zappos recently eliminated job postings altogether, and has created a unique social network to connect with potential hires. So, be aware. Your list of preferred employers may include some expecting you to participate in social networks where you can interact with current employees and demonstrate your interest in the company.

These days landing a new position can require more than conducting a disciplined, diligent search. You also need to keep on top of the technology-driven trends that are profoundly altering the ways candidates are finding employers and employers are finding candidates.

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