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If Your Profile Falls in a Forest… Optimizing Your LinkedIn Network

By Greg Simpson on June 5, 2014

If no one’s paying you attention, being linked in isn’t of much use. LinkedIn now allows you to gauge your relative exposure. As well as tracking how many times your profile has been viewed, it now ranks it by frequency of views against every other profile in your network. It tells you where your profile stands and in what direction it’s headed. So, if your profile is something less than a blazing star in the LinkedIn empyrean, you can now find out and take appropriate steps.

Consider these:

  • Post updates and keep posting. The key is to be frequent. Think twice a week, not once a month. Share meaningful information related to your area of expertise. It could be a short blog on a professional subject that you yourself write, a link to an article by someone else or an invitation to comment on a subject significant to your field. Show what you know but be brief and, above all, be interesting.
  • Get your light out from under that bushel. Optimize your profile for search by keying on search terms someone might use to find a person with your talents, skills and experience. Then be sure to incorporate them in your own summary and headline.
  • Feed your news feed! Review updates every day and comment on the postings your connections are making. In our quid pro quo world, showing interest in others is the surest way of inviting their interest in you.

LinkedIn is an invaluable networking resource if you make the most of it by tracking and optimizing your exposure.

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