Workplace Trends

Workforce Trends

Innovations in Virtual Technology Connect Job Seekers with Employers

By Greg Simpson on April 29, 2014

Is your organization leveraging the latest technology to source the best talent?  With the rise of social recruiting, the hiring process is being transformed.  Recruiters and hiring managers will soon have access to newly developed tools that utilize vast amounts of candidate data gathered online, providing new insight into the skills, qualifications and behaviors of job seekers that will render current semantic technologies obsolete.

Meanwhile, research shows that as many as 80% of available jobs are never advertised or published as recruiters and employers increasingly turn to social media to post job openings.  Roles are often filled with candidates who are better connected, highly visible and come recommended.

Leveraging the latest technology, virtual career fairs are offering employers and job seekers a unique opportunity to connect live.  Via live chat or Skype, candidates meet face-to-face with employer representatives to discuss job opportunities.  These personal connections are critical in a job search, providing job seekers and employers shared insights that help to inform better hiring decisions.

Do you think a booth at a virtual career event would enhance your recruitment activities?  Here are some of the benefits LHH Virtual Career Fairs offer:

  1. Increased scope. Extend your reach and access more candidates.
  2. Accessibility. Break down boundaries and open doors to a highly collaborative, interactive, personalized experience.
  3. Brand enhancement. Promote your corporate brand to a larger audience and position your organization as an employer of choice.
  4. Meet candidates. Showcase 10-20 of your most critical requisitions—and interact live with qualified candidates for those positions.
  5. Flexibility. Reach candidates representing a broad range of industries, functions and geographic areas or narrow your focus to target a specific group.
  6. Speed the hiring process. Save time and resources by conducting pre-screening interviews live.
  7. Reduced travel.   Participate in the career fair virtually, rather than traveling off-site.
  8. Easy and cost-effective.  No printing costs, no booth space rental fees, no shipping costs for displays.  We handle all the details of setting up your virtual booth.

Employers and candidates appreciate the ease and affordability of well-designed virtual career fairs.  If your organization is interested in learning more about—or participating in— LHH’s innovative, free virtual career events, please contact Beth Rizzotti at

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