Developing Your Career

Developing Your Career

Four Quick Tips to Wrap Up Your Job Search and Strengthen Relationships

By Greg Simpson on April 7, 2014

As you power through the challenges of a job search, you may be closing in on an offer or may have recently accepted a new position. You’ll be anxious to turn your attention toward the future and get started in your new job, but your job search isn’t over quite yet. Do you have a plan in place to wrap up your search in a way that enhances the relationships you’ve established? Networking etiquette requires that you formally close out your job search, updating those who’ve helped and leaving the door open for future relationships.

Here are four quick tips for wrapping up your search:

  1. Close pending negotiations. If you were also negotiating with other organizations, call or email the potential employers and let them know you’re no longer available. Extend courtesy and thank them for their consideration and time.
  2. Update your social media profiles. Once you’re onboard at the new job, make a general announcement by updating your social media profiles with your new job title and a brief description of responsibilities.
  3. Keep your network in the loop. Write, email or call your networking contacts, references, and recruiters to let them know your new status and contact information; thank them for their support, information and referrals throughout your search; and express your enthusiasm for your new position. Encourage them to reach out when they need assistance.
  4. File for the future. Create an electronic file and a hard copy of your job search research and contacts list. Don’t pitch too much—this information can prove beneficial for networking purposes, or when you get a call from a networking partner who’s now in search.

Taking these final steps to close out your job search will gain you the respect of your contacts and lay the groundwork for future networking opportunities.

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