Developing Your Talent


Shaping a New Generation of Leaders

By Kristen Leverone on March 14, 2014

Does your leadership development program need an upgrade? Increasingly, leaders are being forced to step outside their comfort zones and develop new competencies that prepare them for what’s ahead. Key to their success today is the ability to mobilize quickly into new or emerging roles and take on more challenging responsibilities. Leaders are working in shades of gray—no longer tethered to a rigid black and white description of responsibilities. In today’s fluid work environment, leaders are valued for their ability to analyze a situation, gather and process key information, evaluate the potential outcomes and initiate immediate, decisive action—all while balancing the needs of a multi-generational workforce and achieving higher productivity goals within tight budget constraints. To prepare this new generation of leaders, companies must be ready to invest in their development.

A recent survey revealed that HR’s number one concern for 2014 is “engaging and retaining employees,” closely followed by “developing leaders and managing skills gaps.” Developing a new style of collaborative leadership builds a more responsive and competitive organization better able to mobilize and seize opportunity and achieve its business goals. Companies that will enjoy a distinct competitive advantage are those able to accelerate the development of agile leaders capable of adapting quickly to changing organizational priorities.

Leadership development has to become an essential, embedded part of the organization’s culture at all levels and in all departments. Leaders at all levels must take the initiative and drive development for themselves and others, creating a culture of development that is embraced by both individual leaders and the organization as a whole.

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