Developing Your Career

Developing Your Career

Four Success Factors for New Managers

By JC Heinen on December 30, 2013

Were you promoted to a managerial position, but continue to act like an individual contributor? This all-too-common situation arises when individuals advance into their first management positions without adequate leadership development.  When assessing your evolving leadership style and skills, here are four success factors for new managers:

  1. Build trust. Trust is the foundation of effective leadership. Build trust by maintaining discretion and confidentiality, empathizing with employees, treating them with respect, providing constructive feedback and making their success a priority.
  2. Delegate. Take the time to train your team members and provide them with opportunities to stretch their skills. With guidance and direction, your team will be able to achieve more than what you could do yourself.
  3. Create a positive work environment. Effective managers are constructive, positive and resilient, consistently modeling leadership behaviors that engage employees and create an affirming place to work.
  4. Develop leadership skills. New managers bring strong technical skills to their new roles. When complemented with equally strong leadership skill you have the formula for success. New managers need the support of mentors and a coach to help them develop in areas like communication, conflict resolution, decision-making and problem-solving.

Effective managers recognize their strengths, identify skill gaps and recruit the support they need to master the art and science of leadership. A great place to start is to stay informed. Review some of the top leadership resources available free online, including Fast Company, Talent Management,, Forbes, and Harvard Business Review.

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