Developing Your Career

Developing Your Career

11 LinkedIn Best Practices That’ll Get You Noticed

By Greg Simpson on November 26, 2013

If you’ve posted a profile on LinkedIn®, but you still haven’t received a nibble from recruiters or hiring managers, you may be asking yourself, “What do I have to do to get noticed? “ According to a recent LHH online survey, nearly all job seekers report having some social media presence.  While 61 percent have at least a LinkedIn profile, about one-third are engaged on several social media channels and seven percent still remain inactive online.  But having a profile isn’t enough.  What steps are you taking to elevate your social network presence and position yourself as a top-tier candidate?

LHH conducted interviews with 203 HR managers and 200 external recruiters to gain insight into which sourcing and hiring practices are most effective and what trends area gaining traction.  The results highlighted the importance of maintaining a virtual presence on social media – and on LinkedIn in particular.  LinkedIn was considered the most effective social networking site for hiring or placing candidates by both HR managers (28 percent) and recruiters (60 percent).  This data reinforces the importance of becoming an active – rather than passive – member of the LinkedIn community.

Use the questions below to determine how effectively you’re using LinkedIn to enhance your online identity and advance your job search.  Do you:

  1. Check your LinkedIn updates every morning?
  2. Attend LinkedIn’s free job seeker webinars to learn more about features and how to use them in a job search?
  3. Actively participate in online discussions on professional group sites?
  4. Always personalize invitations to join your network?
  5. Update your LinkedIn profile at least once a month?
  6. Regularly comment on your connections’ updates and extend congratulations for milestones and accomplishments?
  7. Provide endorsements for colleagues and former colleagues?
  8. Conduct research on organizations, industries and decision makers via LinkedIn?
  9. Share thought-provoking articles with your network once a week?
  10. Use LinkedIn to engage directly with hiring managers?
  11. Join LinkedIn alumni groups and participate in online discussions and local activities?

If you answered yes to most of the questions above, you’re applying the fundamental principles of both “social” and “network” to boost your visibility, add to the dialogue, advance your job search and position yourself for long-term career success.  And that’s what will get you noticed.

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