Developing Your Career

Developing Your Career

How a Career Coach Can Fast Track a Job Search

By Greg Simpson on November 4, 2013

Anyone who has just lost a job often feels unprepared and apprehensive – often struggling to remain confident and upbeat. Having access to a career coach can help ensure a job seeker isn’t wasting time engaged in unproductive activities, undermining credibility with a poorly written resume, or worse, demonstrating poor interviewing techniques that unnecessarily prolong a search.  A career coach acts as a guide and support system through unfamiliar territory – offering objective advice and guidance.  The insights gained through a coaching relationship can help a job seeker improve skills, stay focused, and achieve better results. 
Here’s what a top-notch career coach offers the job seeker:

  • Direction. Coaches help job seekers analyze career options and target jobs based on their unique talents, experience, personality and goals.
  • Fresh eyes.  A career coach objectively critiques the job seeker’s communication tools and helps develop an accomplishments-based resume and effective cover letters focusing on the value the candidate will bring to an organization.
  • Branding expertise. A career coach provides assistance with developing a marketing campaign and helps the job seeker establish a personal brand through communications, social media and networking.
  • Productivity guidance.  With an eye on time management, a career coach evaluates the candidate’s weekly productivity and offers tips for staying focused on the most fruitful activities.
  • Connections.  Coaches introduce the candidate to recruiters, key contacts within local companies and other significant connections to uncover unpublished job opportunities.
  • Tips for closing the deal.  Job seekers master interviewing and negotiating techniques through mock and/or video interview training with the career coach.
  • Assimilation assistance.  Once the candidate has accepted a new position, a career coach may provide tips for onboarding into a new position and organization.

Given the value of a personal career coach, it’s not surprising that LHH’s candidate surveys consistently rank career-coach support the most important component of their outplacement program.  While the first step in any job search is identifying an opportunity, it’s not always easy to take a lead and turn it into an offer.  In today’s competitive job market, a career coach gives job seekers a clear competitive advantage.

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  1. Landa Williams

    I’ve seen career coaching in action and can attest to this! One of our senior recruiters also functions as a career coach and her clients consistently get better job offers, quicker, no matter their level of experience.


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