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Making the Case for Enterprise-Wide Coaching

By JC Heinen on October 10, 2013

The need for a resilient and agile workforce at all levels within the organizations has expanded the use of coaching from executives to individual contributors – making it an integral component of a successful organization’s talent strategy.

However, some human capital professionals cite challenges in getting the support needed to implement enterprise-wide coaching programs. As discussed in LHH’s “Knowledge: Pass It On,” 66% of respondents to a recent survey reported a “lack of support from upper management” as a challenge they face in setting up a coaching program to sustain employee development across the entire organization.

To help overcome these challenges, we’ve identified four tactics for building a business case for enterprise-wide coaching:

  • Define the problem. Identify the value of an employee’s ability to shift behaviors and/or roles with agility as your business needs continue to change. Consider the risks if an employee is resistant or lacks preparedness.
  • Identify solutions. Outline a three-pronged approach to coaching executive, emerging leaders/high potentials and employees. Organizations that are effective in creating development-focused cultures typically engage three types of coaches:
    1.  External coaches for executives
    2.  Internal coaches for emerging leaders/high potentials
    3.  Leaders as coaches for the employees
  • Offer evidence. Provide decision makers with ROI statistics supported by quantitative research. Give your leaders case studies with relevant examples of where coaching has contributed to positive business results within other organizations.
  • Partner with an expert. Connect with a highly credentialed provider of enterprise-wide coaching services to outline alternative approaches, develop a plan of action, and create a program to fit your organization’s needs and budget.

Organizations recognize the need to align talent with evolving business needs.  Enterprise-wide coaching programs can play a key role in creating a “ready-now” workforce capable of mobilizing and moving quickly into new roles or responsibilities as business needs evolve – increasing competitiveness and enhancing an organization’s ability to attract, develop and retain talent.

2 Responses to “Making the Case for Enterprise-Wide Coaching”

  1. Linda Ashworth

    I have been pondering how to help students understand this shift to a workforce model where everyone is a resource to be deployed. I actually believe this is a healthier model for work but has its uncomfortable aspects as well. “Ability to tolerate ambiguity” and “adaptability” seem to be character traits to be nurtured.


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