Developing Your Career

Developing Your Career

Google Alerts Offer Critical Intelligence for Job Seekers

By Greg Simpson on September 3, 2013

In the job search, solid business intelligence can make the difference between landing a new job sooner rather than later. Thanks to the Internet, a world of information is now at your fingertips. The downside of this information revolution is that the sheer volume of data can be overwhelming.

In a recent blog, “How To Use Google Alerts In Your Job Search,” Kristen Johnson offers innovative tips and technical advice for using the world’s largest search engine to monitor your own online reputation, job postings and targeted companies. As Johnson explains, setting alerts for your targeted companies provides you with access to valuable information that can give you the edge in an interview. But using Google alerts to monitor your targeted companies can also provide critical intelligence for other facets of the job search:

  • Targeting companies. First off, the information you receive from news sources will determine whether a company should even be on your target list. You’ll discover how it’s doing financially, where it’s investing, and where it’s cutting back – even what functions are being outsourced. Ask yourself, “Is this a viable target?”
  • Informing communication. Staying on top of the latest company news will add substance to your networking conversations and provide additional content to weave into cover letters.
  • Identifying personnel changes. Google alerts will also keep you informed of key personnel changes – promotions and external hires to key positions. When new leaders come on board, other personnel changes are likely to follow. As part of the job seeker’s prospecting strategy, this is an opportunity to get her or her information in front of decision makers early as new teams are being put into place.

Schedule your alerts so you’ll receive a manageable stream of information on your targeted companies. Then, let the business intelligence roll in.

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