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Don’t Go It Alone In a Job Search: How a Team Approach Improves Success

By Helene Cavalli on August 14, 2013

In a new LHH survey of 645 job seekers, three-quarters of the respondents report that they feel unprepared in fundamental job search skills such as developing a resume, targeting open positions and performing effectively in an interview. This lack of preparedness in key skills will undermine any job search.

When feeling unprepared, one of the biggest mistakes a job seeker can make is conducting a job search alone. While there is an endless amount of information available online to help individuals in their search, without any objective feedback a job seeker will often lack the self-awareness to identify skill gaps and lack the objectivity to spot tactical errors in his or her approach.

A team approach to a job search can make a significant difference in building job search skills and confidence. Working together on a team, members gain an external perspective that helps them to improve their skills, develop realistic benchmarks, maintain focus on their objective and hold each other accountable in achieving goals.

A job search team acts as an advisory panel, providing the feedback, development and strategy needed to achieve better results. In his Washington Post article, “Job Search is a Team Sport,” Jeffrey Kudisch explains the benefits of collaborative groups in the job search process and offers detailed guidelines for establishing and managing search-related teams. Kudisch finds “the team approach is leading to more confidence among job seekers, better search strategies, increased networking, more collaboration and a lot more resilience.”

Here are just a few ways a peer team will improve job search fundamentals:

  • Resume development: A work team provides a fresh perspective on members’ resumes and offers feedback and advice for improvement of content, style and format.
  • Targeting open positions: A core set of connections increases each member’s networking reach, offering access to contacts, business intelligence and leads.
  • Interview coaching: A team provides a forum for discussing interview questions and sharing experiences – bolstering the confidence of members and improving interview performance.
  • Productivity through accountability: Sharing goals and tracking progress with a group of mutually committed individuals promotes accountability and keeps procrastination in check.

Often, we don’t know what we don’t know. Look for ways to gather external feedback and perspective and ensure your job search is on the right track.

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    I am a committee member of the HRPA Ottawa group for people who have an interest in working in Human Resources. We run group session on HR finding your first HR job and other new to HR sessions. I think your information would be most beneficial to the 20013-14 group


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