Developing Your Career

Developing Your Career

Six Ways to Preserve Relevancy on LinkedIn

By Helene Cavalli on July 31, 2013

While the relevance of LinkedIn as a career management tool grows, there are some growing pains as the platform expands. More people, more invitations to connect, more endorsements, more activity, more promotions, more noise. And, it’s often not meaningful or relevant. As LinkedIn evolves, it’s important to step back and periodically evaluate your strategies and techniques to ensure you’re building a profile that is relevant and does what you need it to do: network professionally and connect you to potential opportunities.

Here are six online networking guidelines to help you build and strengthen meaningful relationships that are valuable to you and your network:

  1. Connect immediately. Give yourself a 24-hour deadline to connect with new networking contacts. Act while you’re still top of mind to reinforce key messages and ensure you’re remembered.
  2. Show appreciation. Providing endorsements, recommendations and networking information takes time. Always say “thanks.”
  3. Personalize your invitation. Avoid the standard invitation provided by LinkedIn and write a personal request to connect. Indicate why you’d like to connect and hint at what you may have to offer in return. Remember, networking is a two-way street.
  4. Connect with people you know. LinkedIn’s user agreement (section 10, b, 5) actually bars members from inviting people they don’t know to join their network. Remember, it’s also perfectly acceptable to ignore invitations.
  5. Acknowledge achievements. Monitor network updates every few days and acknowledge promotions, job changes, community recognition or other accomplishments with a personal note.
  6. Participate. If you join a group, offer your expertise and/or opinion by responding to posts. Networking groups stay relevant through the active participation of their members.

LinkedIn offers endless networking opportunities for its members. Just remember to keep your engagement relevant, meaningful and professional – just like you would in person.

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