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Four Career Strategies to Help You Quickly Bounce Back After a Layoff

By Greg Simpson on June 3, 2013

As companies seek to remain competitive and efficient,  jobs are outsourced or replaced by technology; mergers and acquisitions result in branch closings and redundancies; business strategies are revamped to meet changing market needs. All have an impact on a company’s workforce – sometimes leading to downsizings.   As the owner of your career, you can’t be complacent.  How are you building agility into your long-term career strategy that ensures you’re prepared for whatever happens next?  These tips will help you maintain your marketability, build confidence and minimize risk.

  • Stay in the know. Keep your finger on the pulse of your industry and occupation. Read industry journals and monitor projections from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics to determine the future growth or decline for your own profession and/or industry.
  • Unleash the power of being a generalist. A generalist – versus a specialist – can thrive in a wide variety of business conditions. Armed with diverse and in-demand skills, employees are better prepared to shift gears and contribute in another area.
  • Embrace learning opportunities. Whether it’s new technology or the latest advancements in your field, the more you know the more valuable you become. The good news is that many of the world’s top-tier universities offer free online courses (MOOCs) through sites like Coursera, so it’s never been easier to build your knowledge base.
  • Network internally. Get your name out in the organization – and build a reputation for quality and productivity. Build your brand with colleagues and superiors by volunteering for projects.  Use online channels like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter as platforms for engagement and discussion.

It’s possible to do everything right and still get caught in the downsizing net. Maintaining your marketability and taking steps to build your brand and broaden your network will increase your agility and give you an advantage that will help you land your next job much faster.

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  1. Peter Doris

    Succinct, powerful advice on career control ( it’s your career ) and how resilient job searchers get that way. Really well done.


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