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Four Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Job Search

By Helene Cavalli on April 10, 2013

Spring is the time we throw open the windows, clean out the closets and seed the lawn – a fresh start. If you’re in the midst of a job search, spring can symbolize even more – renewed energy, reconnecting and new opportunities.  Are you ready to kick your job search back into high gear?

In his US News and World Report blog “5 Ways to Put Spring Into Your Job Hunt,” Arnie Fertig provides sound tips for revitalizing your job search as spring takes hold. His suggestions range from monitoring your LinkedIn feed to networking through community and alumni groups to enjoying the benefits of outdoor exercise.

It’s also a great time to spruce up your search with some thorough spring cleaning. Sometimes even the most highly organized job seekers can become a little slack after the initial burst of  activity and focus in a job search. What started out as an efficient system of spreadsheets, electronic calendars and folders often dissolves into disorganization.

Here are four tips for getting your search organized and back on track:

  1. Tie up loose ends. Sort through your notes and make a list of follow-up activities along with a deadline for completion for each.
  2. Reconnect. Look for ways to get back in front of your contacts and reignite relationships. Consider sharing an article or extending an invitation for coffee.
  3. Refocus.  Reassess your targets and create a spreadsheet with columns indicating contact/referral names, companies, action items, follow-up dates and notes on activity or discussions.
  4. Update your network. Take time to provide an update to your networking contacts letting them know that you’re still in the job market.  Offer a brief summary of what you’ve learned and a refresher on your qualifications and experience.

It’s easy to let things pile up, but by developing and maintaining an efficient system for staying organized and connected, you’ll find it much easier to stay focused and productive.

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