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Seven Tips for Using Facebook in Your Job Search

By Helene Cavalli on March 21, 2013

Lee Hecht Harrison research on hiring trends reveals that recruiters and hiring managers have found the effectiveness of social media in sourcing qualified candidates has increased 51% over the past two to three years, and they expect effectiveness to jump another 68% over the next two to three years.

While LinkedIn is still the overwhelming favorite of HR managers and recruiters, Facebook is increasing in importance as an effective recruiting tool. Our research indicates that currently 16% of recruiters and 14% of HR managers are regularly using Facebook to source both passive and active job candidates – and it’s increasing.  If you’re limiting your Facebook activity to friends and family, you might want to consider expanding activity to include professional connections – and possibly uncovering job opportunities.

Here’s how to maximize your search success on Facebook:

  1. Target your targets. Follow your target companies to uncover job openings and stay current on new company products, services, initiatives and acquisitions.
  2. Follow the leaders. Follow pages from career-related organizations (such as LHH on Facebook) to have real-time access to employment trends and information.
  3. Work smart. Follow search- and career-related sites such as Monster’s BeKnown and Glassdoor (voted the Best Employment Site of 2012).
  4. Connect. Use the Facebook search feature to connect with people in your field or to join groups with a common interest.
  5. Keep it professional. Avoid slamming your previous employer, boss, ex – or anyone for that matter. A snarky comment is just a few “likes” from potential employers.
  6. Own your reputation. Some recruiters use special software to search the “deep” or “invisible” Web for long-forgotten, un-indexed “trails” individuals have left on the Internet. The deep Web is 500 times larger than what is visible through traditional search engines – so be mindful of what you may be leaving behind.
  7. Protect your privacy. Adjust your privacy settings so you control what you’re sharing. Limit your political or controversial viewpoints to your close friends or family.

With over a billion users, Facebook is just too valuable a resource to overlook in a job search.

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  1. Peter Doris

    Terrific insights. I’ve avoided Facebook and focused only on Linkedin. You’ve changed my mind. Thanks.


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