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How to Build a Ready-Now Workforce

By JC Heinen on February 22, 2013

While coaching is regularly used to help improve leadership effectiveness, leaders themselves often lack the ability to coach their own direct reports. This unfulfilled need of employees can lead to low engagement, diminished team performance, and a weak leadership pipeline. JC Heinen, Lee Hecht Harrison’s SVP of Global Leadership Development & Coaching explains, “As coaching becomes an integral part of an organization’s talent development strategy, we’re seeing ‘coaching cultures’ emerge — cultures where leaders play a key role in the development of employees through coaching, mentoring and knowledge transfer.”

In a new LHH/HCI research study, “Scaling Executive Coaching Across the Enterprise,” 384 respondents offered insight on the impact enterprise-wide coaching has on their organizations. The research revealed four key benefits:

  • Creates a “coaching culture.” Coaching beyond the executive team builds competencies across the organization by transferring critical knowledge, building a stronger internal talent pipeline, containing turnover costs, and preparing employees for future needed skills.
  • Leaders develop leaders. Organizations that embed coaching programs into their cultures can leverage their senior leaders’ skills and expertise to develop the leaders of tomorrow.
  • Scalable and targeted. Coaching programs that can be tailored to align with the organization’s culture and business strategies can be scaled to meet the needs of leaders at all levels.
  • Builds for the future. Coaching builds resiliency for change, increases team performance, enhances employee engagement and develops leaders with the necessary skills for the future.

An organization that proactively develops a coaching culture will have a pipeline of ready-now talent. And that’s a strategic advantage as market shifts intensify, new needs emerge and the competition for talent increases.

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