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Four Tips for Stepping into the LinkedIn Spotlight

By Helene Cavalli on February 18, 2013

In LHH’s recent study, Better Hires, Better Business, 400 HR managers and recruiters were surveyed to assess the recruiting effectiveness of various social networking sites. The results were conclusive: LinkedIn was overwhelmingly named the most effective social networking site for hiring or placing candidates by both groups of respondents. Sixty percent of recruiters found LinkedIn to be most effective compared to 28 percent of HR managers.  Both groups also expect LinkedIn’s effectiveness to increase significantly over the next two to three years. By comparison, Facebook came in a distant second being named most effective by only 14 percent of HR managers and 16 percent of recruiters.

What does this mean for professionals in today’s workforce? If you want to remain competitive in the job market, it means having an active presence on LinkedIn. Here are some tips for stepping into the spotlight and capturing the attention of HR managers and recruiters alike:

  • Be active. While individuals need to continually and strategically grow their networks, it’s not enough to use LinkedIn solely as a vehicle to collect contacts. It’s social networking activity in the form of sharing and engaging that will ultimately give you access to – and influence with – someone who has what is needed, such as information, another connection, or a job lead.
  • Be brave.  Credential yourself as an expert by stepping out of the shadows and offering a point of view or advice. Keeping in mind the reciprocal nature of networking relationships, always focus on adding value when updating your status, commenting on posts or offering expertise.
  • Be in the know. Identify and follow thought leaders in professional networking groups to hear the latest thinking on topics of interest and look for opportunities to engage in discussions.
  • Create a bigger footprint. Join active industry or functional professional networking groups. By regularly participating in group discussions, you will be able to expand your reach, demonstrate expertise and build credibility.

If you’re a bit tentative about putting yourself out there on LinkedIn, remember, there are millions of other candidates with the same trepidation. Start taking small steps and work your way into the spotlight.

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