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Four Technological Changes That are Enhancing the HR Process

By James Greenway on February 7, 2013

Is your HR department keeping pace with evolving technology? One of the major challenges facing HR in 2013 is the ability to adapt to technological changes, many of which will continue to significantly impact the HR process and the management of vital data.

But with change, comes much opportunity. Here are four key technological developments that are enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the HR function:

  1. Video Interviewing. Video interviewing allows employers to meet candidates “face to face” in a virtual environment.  Video is more personal – and illuminating – than the traditional telephone interview. It’s estimated that 70 to 90 percent of a message is nonverbal.  Using a service like Skype provides the opportunity to read facial expressions and other nonverbal cues, assess communication and presentation skills, and evaluate “fit” — helping to improve efficiency, reduce cost and accelerate the process.
  2. Integrated Software. Talent management software will continue to support a wide range of HR solutions: recruitment via applicant tracking systems, learning and development portals for career development and onboarding activities, performance management, and performance-driven compensation management. Talent management systems also provide ongoing goal-based feedback directly to employees, essentially eliminating the need for the annual performance reviews.
  3. Analytics. Talent management software provides a repository for invaluable data gathered throughout an employee’s tenure. This makes it easier to aggregate and analyze data that can be used to identify high performers and future leaders, identify talent segments and predict future staffing requirements.
  4. Social Media. As our latest research confirms, social recruiting is quickly eclipsing other methods for sourcing talent.  HR professionals are no longer overwhelmed by big piles of resumes, but are proactively finding talent, accelerating the sourcing process and making more informed hiring decisions. Since social media sites frequently add new features and enhancements, it’s incumbent on HR to become power users in order to maximize this potential.

Technology is transforming the human resources industry, providing a means to gather and analyze data that can now be used to inform business decisions and improve the bottom line.  It’s up to HR to make the most of the opportunities.

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