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Does Your Job Feel Like “Groundhog Day”?

By James Greenway on January 31, 2013

Does your workday feel like an infinite time loop – going through the motions, performing the same tasks, giving the same responses, getting the same results, day after day?

In the classic comedy Groundhog Day, Bill Murray portrays an irascible weatherman forced to relive the same day over and over until he takes a critical look at his life and re-evaluates his priorities. If you feel trapped in your own time loop, it may be time to objectively assess your career and take steps to break the cycle.  Here are some tips to help create new patterns:

  • Expand your horizons. Take advantage of learning and development opportunities. Go beyond the basics required for your position and earn certifications that will get you ahead. Conduct some research to see what areas will be in demand and take courses that can have both short- and long-term impact on your career.
  • Take initiative. Never complain to your manager or work team that your current assignments are “boring.” Instead explain to your manager that you’re interested in expanding your skill set and seek out his or her advice on what you can do to make that happen.
  • Raise your hand. Volunteer for special projects or committees. This will provide a change of scenery and provide an avenue to build new relationships with different colleagues – both of which are energizing and offer insight into other areas of the organization.
  • Try new things. Sometimes we discover what we want by knowing what we don’t want. Say yes more often to new tasks that will challenge you and give you opportunities to learn.  Exposure to new things could ignite hidden interests.
  • Make a move. If you’re not getting satisfaction from your job and all your efforts to improve the situation have failed, it might just be time to move on.

If you dread Mondays and can’t wait till Friday, chances are you’re wishing your life away in a job you’ve outgrown or just isn’t a good fit.  Take action.  Remember, if you don’t find success the first time, you’ll probably find it the next time. Or the next time after that.  The point is to own your career and use each day to improve and learn.

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