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New December Grads: 7 Tips to Get Networking Results with LinkedIn

By Greg Simpson on December 13, 2012

December college grads are entering a tough job market, but many are overlooking LinkedIn and missing opportunities to find new positions.  However, with a little guidance, grads can apply their vast experience and familiarity with social media into a far-reaching, valuable and viable professional network on LinkedIn.

  1. Create your professional profile. Complete your profile (Summary, Skills, Experience and Education), focusing on the value you’ll bring to a potential employer.  Ask a mentor to review your profile and provide feedback.
  2. Be found.  Optimize your profile by using key words your target market will use to look for people with your skills and experience.
  3. Make it easy to get in touch. Under Contact Info, make sure you provide an email address and phone number.
  4. Build your professional network. Ask for introductions to LinkedIn connections in your preferred field or connect with those who are working in one of your targeted companies. And don’t forget to connect with key recruiters.
  5. Follow targeted companies. Stay on top new job openings by following companies of interest.
  6. Follow experts in your industry or function. Become knowledgeable about issues and challenges and gain understanding of the type of skills and competencies required.
  7. Join groups. Actively participate and meet people in your industry or function, create visibility and demonstrate your expertise by sharing your knowledge through posting and/or commenting.

LinkedIn is an excellent networking tool for college students and recent grads.  Don’t overlook it.

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