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Take Action: Create Your Dream Job

By Helene Cavalli on November 15, 2012

Can you visualize yourself into your ideal job?  The act of imagining what you want can be a catalyst.  While the power of visualization – a change in mindset based on positive thinking – has acted as a key component in the success of many elite athletes, the concept has much broader implications in its application across all areas of our lives, including our careers.

It’s a simple axiom: Positive thoughts attract positive things. Taking just a few minutes each day to visualize your ideal job trains your subconscious mind to act in a certain way, influencing the decisions you make and putting you on the right path to achieve your goals.  Of course, visualization alone is not enough.  Positive thoughts need to be coupled with positive action.  Combined with hard work, dedication and motivation, visualization can help keep you focused on your goals.

In his SmartBlog on Leadership article, “Envision Your Ideal Day to Become More Productive,” Jason Womac maintains that his daily, 15-minute exercise of visualizing his “ideal day” keeps him focused on what’s most important. According to Womac, “Allow yourself to discover new areas of interest and explore skills or projects you might not attempt in real life. You might be surprised what you discover excites you.”

Here are a few areas to consider when creating a “vision” for your ideal job:

  • How does your ideal work environment look?
  • How do you want to dress?
  • What would be the size, culture and values of your ideal employer?
  • Who are your ideal co-workers?
  • What is your ideal schedule? How much travel is involved?
  • What work/life balance do you want to maintain?
  • What is your ideal benefits package and compensation?
  • What daily tasks, responsibilities and/or projects would you most enjoy?
  • What types of challenges and professional development interest you?
  • What are the qualities of your ideal manager and what management style does he/she employ?

Now what positive action do you need to take to achieve your vision?

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