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A Fitter You; A Fitter Career

By Helene Cavalli on October 17, 2012

While we know that developing new skills can go a long way toward advancing your career, did you know that exercise may also give you a career boost? A recent study found a link between daily exercise and salary. In a recent Forbes article, New Study Links Exercise to Higher Pay, author Victor Lipman cites a study that concluded those workers who exercise during the work day earn 9% more than those who don’t. Based on his own personal experience, Lipman found that “exercise clearly improved my energy, focus, mood and motivation – making me a more valuable employee than I would have been without it.”

It can be challenging to fit exercise into your busy work day, but here are a few simple ways to incorporate fitness into your daily routine, potentially increasing your productivity and maybe your paycheck.

  • Walk. Take the long way to your office, printer, or break room; use the stairs instead of the elevator. Walk to your colleague’s office to deliver a message instead of sending an email. Get outside at lunchtime and take a walk.
  • Stretch. If you sit all day at work, for your spine’s health, stand up to stretch your neck, arms, legs and torso.  And if you spend a lot of time at a computer keyboard, remember to roll your wrists to help avoid carpel tunnel.
  • Exercise. Isometrics exercises can help improve strength and conditioning.  Try contracting and holding your abdominal and gluteal muscles for a few seconds, then release. Repeat throughout the day.

Periodic brief bursts of activity will keep you alert, improve your sense of well-being and pump your creative juices. Exercising at work is a win-win: a fitter you – and a fitter career.

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    • Lee Hecht Harrison

      Hi Kristi! Thanks for your comment. I walk in the morning and at lunch – usually covering 4 miles. Helps me to plan the day in the morning, and then recharge in the afternoon.


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