Developing Your Career

How to Make It Easier for Prospective Employers to Hire You

By Greg Simpson on October 8, 2012

“A high-energy, strategic, results-oriented professional with 15+ years of solid experience…” Been there. Done that. Using tired, worn out phrases won’t capture anyone’s attention. It’s time to get to the bottom line: exactly how you can help an organization achieve its business objectives. All too often we fail to effectively articulate the skills, expertise and behaviors that contribute positively to a company’s success. Because our innate strengths come so naturally, we may be overlooking just those things that would attract potential employers.

To gain a clearer picture of your own strengths and competencies, look inward and outward for a broader perspective. Here are some actions to consider:

  • Past performance reviews. Over the years, what have your managers identified as your strengths? Where have they acknowledged your contributions specifically? What attributes are highlighted in comments?
  • Individual discussions. Meet with people with whom you’ve worked closely and get their opinion on your natural talents and the impact these skills have on your work as an individual, as part of a team, and as part of the organization.
  • Career self-assessment instruments. Take advantage of the free career assessments available online. Even if you know your strengths, these assessments give you insight into your unique interests, personality traits, and values to help you make better career choices. The information you glean can also provide language for describing your skills.
  • Look for themes. Once you’ve gathered information from various sources, determine which strengths and skills come up repeatedly, then summarize the big-picture impact those have on achieving individual, team and organizational goals.

When you clearly articulate your value and share relevant accomplishments with confidence, you eliminate doubt and make it much easier for prospective employers to hire you.

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