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Success Stories: How LinkedIn Does Help You Find a Job

By Greg Simpson on October 4, 2012

LinkedIn is helping companies find high-skill talent a whole lot faster, using a much more sophisticated and targeted approach that’s connecting them directly to A players.   Recruiting firms and job boards are feeling the impact.

In a recent Globe and Mail article, it was reported that 38% of corporations say they are reducing their ad spend on job boards, like Monster and Workopolis, while 51% report that they plan to increase their recruitment spend on LinkedIn. is indeed feeling the pain. Its stock price has dropped 81% over the past five years. Heidrick and Struggles, a traditional recruiting firm, hasn’t done much better, with its stock dropping 67%.

We work with thousands of job seekers and are hearing great success stories about how they are leveraging LinkedIn to help them find jobs.  So, if you’re in the market for a new position, but still sitting on the LinkedIn sidelines, consider some recent examples:

  • Uncovering opportunities. A Research Scientist with a Ph.D. working for a non-profit found a new opportunity on LinkedIn, successfully making the transition from public sector to private sector. After quickly growing a broad and diverse network, this job seeker stayed connected with his LinkedIn network with weekly status updates. Because his network was aware he was seeking a new position, he received a lead from a network connection. Using LinkedIn, the job seeker was able to identify who the position would most likely report to within the target organization. He reached out to the individual via phone and email. Two interviews later, the job seeker was extended an offer to join a global Information and Communications Technology solutions provider, and received an increase in salary.
  • Being known. A Sales Representative for a smartphone distributor submitted an application through LinkedIn for a local sales rep opportunity in the Telecommunications industry. There were many applicants, but the sales representative’s application rose to the top of the list of preferred candidates. Why? He had received a recommendation from someone that the recruiter knew personally.
  • Targeted approach. A gymnastics coach was seeking a candidate for his business – selling high-end gymnastics equipment to Olympic teams. The sales position required a wide range of very specific and unique skills: familiarity with the Olympic sports community, fluency in Russian or Chinese, and a proven ability to sell gymnastics products to coaches around the world. The coach posted a status update on LinkedIn on a Friday evening and by Monday had several replies. His network (of about 1,000 direct contacts and over 1.5 million third-level contacts) had enabled him to reach several individuals who possessed this very unique skill set and fit the bill perfectly.

If you want to get noticed, you need to get in the game. Take control of your job search – and get results – by boosting your activity on LinkedIn.

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  1. Bob Kustka

    I coach recent college graduates on finding jobs and I advise them that LinkedIn is the most powerful social media available to them. What I find intersting is the lack of awareness of it at the college level. Good article.

  2. Rudy Gaona

    I found this article very stimulating and encouraging for a future career path.


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