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LinkedIn Recommendations: It’s Quality Not Quantity

By Greg Simpson on August 20, 2012

You can’t underestimate the power of a personal recommendation. Whether you are interested in advancing within your current organization or looking for opportunities in other companies, a personal recommendation puts you at the top of the list.

In an effort to garner as many LinkedIn recommendations as possible, we see individuals aggressively pursuing coveted endorsements, sometimes ignoring basic etiquette.  There is a wrong way and a right way to do it.

  • Don’t ask for a recommendation from someone you don’t know; only ask for recommendations from people who can personally vouch for your experience and skills.
  • Avoid sending out mass endorsement requests. It may trigger unwarranted questions about your current employment status. Be selective and consider who could write the most effective message about you.
  • Do ask for a recommendation from current colleagues, peers, and/or vendors with whom you work directly, especially after you’ve completed a successful project.
  • When asking for a recommendation, personalize your request and provide some context, such as your objective (e.g., new job, enhanced profile), and the skills you want to highlight.
  • Always say thanks.

Recommendations from individuals who can speak first-hand about the work you do, in your current field, will have the most value. Individuals who haven’t worked with you in many years, with no knowledge of your current skills and responsibilities, have little value. Stick to the high value recommendations.

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