Developing Your Talent

Developing Your Talent

5 Leadership Practices to Ensure Employees Are In the Loop and Engaged

By JC Heinen on August 14, 2012

A recent LHH survey reveals that only one-third of employees reported that they regularly receive the information and resources needed to perform their jobs well. Fifty-eight percent reported only sometimes or rarely receiving information and resources necessary to do their jobs, while one in ten said never.

According to Lee Hecht Harrison President Peter Alcide, “Ambiguity and uncertainty in the workplace will play havoc with the ability to achieve business objectives. Employees must have clarity around the mission and goals of the organization, their role in achieving these goals, how their performance is measured and guidance on how to prioritize competing demands. Without this critical information, employees are left guessing, cannot make informed decisions and can often be immobilized by doubt and anxiety. In this kind of environment business goals will not be achieved.”

What can leaders do to ensure employees are well informed and have the resources they need to succeed?

  • Set clear goals and expectations. Let employees know what’s important and ensure alignment on priorities.
  • Be visible. Check in regularly with your direct reports to help maintain focus on key goals. Review challenges or obstacles to achieving goals and encourage problem-solving.
  • Mentor. Provide constructive coaching and guidance that will help employees develop professionally.
  • Connect. Make introductions to business colleagues to help facilitate internal connections and promote increased knowledge sharing.
  • Empower. Give employees autonomy and the authority to make decisions.

Is unnecessary ambiguity negatively impacting the performance of your organization?

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