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U.S. adds 163,000 jobs in July, the largest monthly increase in five months

By Lee Hecht Harrison on August 6, 2012

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported last week that 163,000 jobs were added in July 2012, a significant increase from June 2012’s increase of 64,000. Nevertheless, the economy is not expanding fast enough to lower the unemployment rate which inched up slightly to 8.3 percent. Jobs in manufacturing rose by 25,000 while increases were also registered in professional and business services, and food services and drinking places.

Hiring rose in a number of industries, including the following:

  • Healthcare and social assistance: Healthcare and social assistance employment continued to increase by adding +12,000 over the month, with gains in outpatient care centers (+4,000) and in hospitals (+5,000).
  • Leisure and hospitality: Leisure and hospitality added 27,000 jobs in July, with decreases in a few categories and nearly all of the increases in food services and drinking places (+29,000).
  • Manufacturing: July figures indicate manufacturing employment rose by 25,000 with gains in transportation equipment (+20,000), most notably motor vehicles and parts (+13,000). Fabricated metal products also registered an increase (+5,000).
  • Professional and business services: The professional and business services sector registered the largest increase (+49,000) with additions in computer systems design (+7,000) and temporary help services (+14,000).

Since July 2011, many occupations have registered significant decreases in unemployment: service occupations (9.8 percent unemployment in July 2011; 9.1 percent in July 2012); sales and office occupations (9.0 percent unemployment in July 2011; 8.0 percent in 2012); natural resources, construction and maintenance occupations (11.5 percent in July 2011; 10.4 percent in July 2012); and production, transportation and material moving occupations (11.2 percent in July 2011; 9.8 percent in 2012).

Source: BLS


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