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It’s Summer and Time to Daydream

By JC Heinen on July 27, 2012

How can you make certain your company is nurturing its creative thinkers – pushing them to go further and cultivating their problem–solving skills?

“If you want innovative ideas to surface in your company, it is your job to create an atmosphere in which all types of creativity are valued.” So says brain researcher Geil Browning in her Inc. article entitled “How to Spot Innovative Hires.”

Looking for ideas?

  • Allow for some downtime.  This gives an individual time to daydream, visualize a solution through unrestrained free association.  Daydreaming = thinking.
  • Provide opportunities for sharing ideas and questioning the status quo.  Set aside team meeting time to review current state, question assumptions and encourage input from individuals with different perspectives.
  • Provide a physical atmosphere conducive to creative thinking. Clear office clutter, add live plants, decorate with colorful paint, and furnish with unusual furniture. Organizations that value creativity such as Google, Build-A-Bear Workshop and Pixar give employees the freedom to create their individual workspaces, wear casual attire and, in some cases, bring their dogs to work.

The future of the U.S. economy relies on new ideas and approaches that are not bound by “what is” or “what was”, but instead reaches for “what if?” Is your company doing what it takes to nurture the creative thinking that will keep the engine of innovation moving forward?

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