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Demonstrate the Right Aptitude and Attitude In An Interview

By Greg Simpson on July 3, 2012

With the high costs associated with every new hire, employers are justifiably reluctant to take unnecessary risks when bringing someone new on board.

“As a job candidate, your first job is to lessen the hiring manager’s risk aversion by providing reasons, both spoken and unspoken, why hiring you really isn’t such a risky proposition,” says David DiSalvo  in the Forbes article entitled: “How to Get Hired: Insights from the Other Side of the Desk.”

HR recruiters and hiring managers generally assume that your past performance is a solid predictor of your future performance.  So in the process of screening applicants, the interviewer will be evaluating your past experience as it relates to the skills required of the open position. Be prepared to discuss your accomplishments in detail during an interview.  This will help you project competence – and the self-assurance – that you can handle the job.

When interviewing, your goal should be to project confidence not cockiness.  As DiSalvo writes: “If you come across as cocky, my assumption is that you are hiding deficiencies behind a confidence façade.”

Organizations are interested in hiring people who not only possess the skills and experience needed, but who are likeable and likely to be a good fit in the company’s culture. Here are some tips to help mitigate risk by demonstrating the right aptitude and attitude:

  • Pay attention to the details, your email address, your voicemail recording, your cover letter, your social media profiles, your attire and your resume
  • Project confidence but be able to back it up with quantifiable proof
  • Stay positive; leave negativity home in a box under your bed
  • Convey enthusiasm and energy
  • Find commonalities with your interviewer, but don’t over do it and become overly familiar

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