Developing Your Talent

Do You Want To Make a Difference?

By JC Heinen on July 2, 2012

Is your goal to make a difference? If so, are you taking the initiative required?  Are offering ideas to solve problems?  Are you willing to make bold decisions? Or have you simply been waiting for someone else to take action?  Granted, there’s risk in emerging from the shadows to head up a high-visibility project or offer up an innovative idea.  But intelligent risk-taking is at the core of every successful venture.

Prior to taking any risk, gather the information necessary to address perceived obstacles, costs, risks, consequences of failure and potential benefits of success.  Do your homework and evaluate the culture of the organization. Is your manager comfortable with risk taking?  Who are the visionaries within your organization? What kinds of risks are they taking?  A cutting-edge company is one that supports – even encourages – innovative risk taking.

Apple co-founder and visionary Steve Jobs lived by the mantra: “Let’s make a dent in the universe.”  And so he did.

Will every risk be a homerun and result in a ground-breaking product such as the iPhone or iPad?  Of course not.  In fact, Steve Jobs experienced several monumental failures throughout his career. Still, these stumbles provided the insight and experience to take him to the next level.  After each failure, he refined his ideas and developed action plans for his next design.

Risk taking requires courage and perseverance. But inspiration and innovation don’t come from cautious, conventional thinking.  Is it time to step out from the shadows and make your own “dent in the universe?”

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