Developing Your Talent

Start a Cultural Revolution

By JC Heinen on May 23, 2012

“People matter. More than machinery, products, or real estate. People invent and build.” So says Fast Company blogger Shawn Parr in his recent post “Don’t Let Culture Vultures Scuttle Your Strategy.” Parr continues, “A well-conceived strategy living in the hands of unhappy, misdirected, misinformed people is a sure way to a slow and painful death.”  Does your company culture support your business or tear it down?

Corporate culture is a complex fusion of the company’s values, beliefs and norms that permeates all levels of the organization – from the physical appearance and layout of the office, to dress codes, team dynamics, comp and benefits, hiring and retention strategies, training and development programs and communication processes.

How would you define your corporate culture? 

  • Corporate culture is reflected in the employees. Do they have positive attitudes? Are they engaged and productive? 
  • Do you have a defined corporate mission and values?  Do your employees share the company’s values and do they understand the business goals?
  • Is the work environment helping individuals to succeed?  Do employees receive the information, support and direction they need to achieve their goals? 
  • Are compensation plans demonstrating that employees are valued?  What kind of investments are being made to help individuals advance in their careers?

A healthy corporate culture can reduce turnover, improve the quality of new hires, enhance productivity, encourage innovation, and enhance a company’s stature in the community. 

What would your employees say about your company’s culture?

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