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Watch Your Tweets and Posts

By Greg Simpson on May 22, 2012

Your social media communication can help or hurt your professional brand.  What perception do your tweets and posts create?   In her Fast Company article, “U R What U Tweet: 5 Steps to a Better Personal Brand,” Amber Mac offers valuable tips for creating and maintaining a professional brand via social media.

Mac suggests developing a personal website as your “home base” and keeping blog entries short and frequent.  She also explains how attention-grabbing Twitter or LinkedIn entries can “drive traffic back from social channels to your website” and establish you as a subject matter expert. 

Many people today are posting on the fly from a variety of mobile devices, without regard to style, tone, grammar or spelling. If you’re using social networking for professional purposes, adjust the informal language you may use in personal networking to a more professional style.  Avoid social media acronyms and slang so that the brand you’re creating is not that of an excitable 15-year-old.  And think twice before auto-posting from one site to another.  What works well on Twitter doesn’t always translate well on your LinkedIn news feed.

Bottom line: never sacrifice quality for expediency.  Each social networking site has a unique style and attracts a unique audience.  Take the extra time to customize your messages so that they are will engage your audience, not turn them off.


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