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5 Non-Negotiable Priorities for Leaders

By JC Heinen on May 21, 2012

To achieve success, it is important for leaders to ensure their strategic priorites are aligned with those of senior leadership.  With so many competing priorities, how do you decide what to spend time on?   Something you see as a top priority may, in fact, rank low on your boss’s radar screen.  Are you having regular conversations to ensure you are focusing on the right things?  Identify those priorities that are non-negotiable and must get done.  Non-negotiables often fall into the following categories:

  1. Practice performance management. Leaders should focus on getting the job done and consistently managing their team. This means employees should know what’s expected of them. But it isn’t always about directing.  An effective leader coaches and develops members of his or her team to ensure long-term bench strength.
  2. Pay attention to costs and financial metrics. Missing a number is not an option – we can’t always control top line but everyone should be involved in controlling costs.
  3. Maintaining quality. Instill the value of quality throughout the team by coaching and providing feedback in a way that fosters positive change, not resentment and defensiveness.
  4. Meet your goals. After all, this is why you’re there in the first place. Prove your value in the most concrete terms.
  5. Be a leader. Don’t get pulled into negative discussions. Take the high road. Your job is to champion the company by remaining a positive force.

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