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5 Tips to Capture Attention with Your Social Media Profile

By Greg Simpson on May 15, 2012

As company recruiters return cautiously to hiring, they’re changing their strategy. Rather than sifting through volumes of online applications and resumes (including many from unqualified candidates), they’re reaching out to candidates directly. Thirty-one percent of companies plan to decrease expenditures on job boards this year, while 55 percent said they plan to increase their outlay for online recruiting through sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook. 

Will your social media profile help recruiters find you?  Here are five tips for capturing attention:

  • Develop a powerful summary.  The summary should help position you as an expert.  Create a brief overview of your career that describes who you are, who you help, how you help them and the results you’ve achieved.  Write your summary in first person and avoid over-used expressions (results-oriented, team player, problem solver, etc.).
  • Complete as many profile categories as possible.  If you want to stand out from the crowd, you need to create an interesting and compelling profile.  LinkedIn’s “Add” button opens sections such as certifications, courses, awards, organizations and projects.  This button also opens the Applications category where you can include a blog link, creative profile display or presentations.  
  • Highlight accomplishments, not job duties.  Under employment history, include your accomplishments for each job and not merely a “grocery list” of job duties.  Carefully select the keywords you’re using and quantify your accomplishments. 
  • Optimize with key search terms.  Search the Internet for the crucial skills required for your targeted job and weave those into your summary or skills sections.  If you’re planning to take your career in a new direction, also highlight transferrable skills. 
  • Ask for recommendations.  Referrals can open doors and are a great way to help credential your professional “brand”.  Ask current and former colleagues, peers and vendors – with whom you’ve worked directly – for recommendations.  

Take the time to manage your social media profile so that it advances, rather than derails, your career goals.

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