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How Failure to Address Culture Undermines an Integration

By Kristen Leverone on May 14, 2012

During a merger, unaddressed differences in the two companies’ cultures and values can bring business to a halt. It’s critical to identify how the merger will impact the culture – and who among your leaders demonstrates the behaviors and competencies that support the new culture.

Leaders in the new organization must provide the stability and consistency necessary for a team to maintain productivity and focus during a time of change.  In order to gain momentum, everyone in the organization should be on the same path, moving in the same direction. Obstructionism makes it impossible to move forward.

When assessing any leader for critical roles in your new organization, it’s important to consider cultural fit.  “Are your company’s culture and values clearly defined? Are the leader’s values aligned with those of the organization? Is his or her leadership style a good fit for the company culture?”

Companies risk inertia if culture is not addressed, along with business and organizational disruptions, missed opportunities and wasted investments. Mitigate the risk by identifying key leadership competencies that support the culture, assessing for fit, identifying gaps and coaching to fill those gaps. If a leader finds that the new culture is at odds with his or her values, then it may be time to move on and find an organization that’s a better fit. 

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