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Tips for Managing Uncertainty in a Job Search

By Greg Simpson on May 9, 2012

Job seekers are thrown into a state of uncertainty during  periods of unemployment. Momentary excitement may be quickly followed by periods of rejection and self-doubt. These highs and lows can prove detrimental to a job search.

Here are some tips for keeping a positive attitude and maintaining high energy levels while dealing with the uncertainty of a search:

  • Take care of your physical, mental and emotional health.  Set aside time to enjoy free activities in your community that will lift your spirits. Get out of your house and engage with people. Take walks to clear your mind and stimulate creative thinking.
  • Don’t hide under the covers.  Wake up at a reasonable hour every day.  If you’re sleeping until noon and sitting around in your pajamas all day, you’ll soon find yourself out of sync with the business world.
  • Don’t keep your search a secret.  Once you’ve developed an action plan, talk to everyone about your search, telling them what you’re looking for and the names of companies you’re targeting.  Get energized by meeting face-to-face with networking contacts.  And always stay positive when discussing your previous job, boss, co-workers, etc.
  • Participate in community activities. Take a few hours a week and volunteer at a hospital, school or animal shelter. Volunteer work allows you to contribute and play a meaningful role in something valuable, while providing socialization and additional networking opportunities.

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