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Is Your Resume a Long List of Duties But Short on Results?

By Greg Simpson on May 3, 2012

Does your resume, LinkedIn summary or social media profile read like a shopping list? Too often job seekers simply list the duties of their previous employment, rather than focusing on their accomplishments. If you’ve done this, you’re definitely selling yourself short.

Despite identical job descriptions, there are many differences between employees performing the same function in a department.  Consider these differentiators that might set you apart: performance level, productivity or outcomes achieved, special assignments, awards, training and/or mentoring new employees, developing cost-saving processes, volunteering for company activities, and leading work groups or meetings.

If you’re having a hard time identifying your accomplishments, review your performance appraisals for ideas and quantify the statements whenever possible.

The potential employer wants to see results, not just a list of duties. Keep in mind that recruiters and hiring managers operate on the principle that a candidate’s past performance will often predict future performance.  By highlighting what you’ve accomplished in the past, you’re also shining a light on the value you’ll add in the future.

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