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What’s a CV and Do I Need One?

By Greg Simpson on November 6, 2013

What exactly is a CV and how does it differ from a resume? Translated from the French, the word resume means “summary” whereas in Latin, curriculum vitae (CV) is literally “the course of one’s life.”

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Developing Your Career

How a Career Coach Can Fast Track a Job Search

By Greg Simpson on November 4, 2013

Anyone who has just lost a job often feels unprepared and apprehensive – often struggling to remain confident and upbeat. Having access to a career coach can help ensure a job seeker isn’t wasting time engaged in unproductive activities, undermining credibility with a poorly written resume, or worse, demonstrating poor interviewing techniques that unnecessarily prolong […]

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Developing Your Career

RIP Resumes? Not So Fast.

By Joan Andrews on February 21, 2013

As social media profiles continue to dominant trends in job hunting, what is to become of the traditional resume? Right now, we can’t answer that. Just don’t be surprised if you apply for a job at an organization that tells you not to send your resume.

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How to Handle the First 72 Hours After a Job Loss

By Greg Simpson on February 11, 2013

Research shows that how you handle the first 72 hours after you have lost a job will profoundly affect your job search in the weeks ahead. A haphazard or knee-jerk approach can lead to unnecessary mistakes. The following activities will help you prepare to launch your search effectively and set the stage for future success.

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