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For Career Success Make a Good Night’s Sleep a Habit

By Lee Hecht Harrison on July 21, 2015

Increasingly, research is showing that a lack of sleep can lead to lost productivity, impaired decision making and illness. In the worst manifestations, sleep deprivation has been a major factor in many of the world’s most horrific accidents and disasters. The implications of all this lost, or poor quality sleep are pretty clear. But what can employers do about it?

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Four Tips for Maintaining a Professional Tone in a Casual Workplace

By Lee Hecht Harrison on June 29, 2015

The new generation of workers is drawn to a workplace that reflects their own culture and values. As a result, a more casual, transparent workplace is becoming commonplace, requiring companies to loosen their ties and rethink the traditional corporate environment. Here are four tips for managing employees in a casual environment that will help you walk the fine line between stodgy and unprofessional.

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