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RIP Resumes? Not So Fast.

By Joan Andrews on February 21, 2013

As social media profiles continue to dominant trends in job hunting, what is to become of the traditional resume? Right now, we can’t answer that. Just don’t be surprised if you apply for a job at an organization that tells you not to send your resume.

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New December Grads: 7 Tips to Get Networking Results with LinkedIn

By Greg Simpson on December 13, 2012

December college grads are entering a tough job market, but many are overlooking LinkedIn and missing opportunities to find new positions. However, with a little guidance, grads can apply their vast experience and familiarity with social media into a far-reaching, valuable and viable professional network on LinkedIn.

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Warning: You May Be Ruining Your Credibility

By Helene Cavalli on October 25, 2012

Sharing too much information with your boss or co-workers about personal problems or poor choices could negatively impact perceptions about your competence and ability to make sound decisions. Disclosing too much can also cast a shadow on your credibility, trustworthiness and professionalism.

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