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Three Things the Most Successful Job Seekers Do Every Day

By Lee Hecht Harrison on March 16, 2015

Conducting a job search requires a high level of intensity, where both the amount of time spent and the volume of activity matter. The most successful and productive job seekers spend their time on activities that have the greatest return on investment. Here are three things we know the most successful job seekers are doing every day.

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What It Takes To Be A Great Mentor

By Lee Hecht Harrison on March 3, 2015

To institute a successful mentor program, organizations must identify mentors who model the right behaviors and are committed to devoting the time necessary to develop a meaningful and constructive relationship with their mentee. Here are three of the top qualities of an effective business mentor.

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Seven Tips to Raise Your Job Search Game in a Competitive Market

By Lee Hecht Harrison on February 18, 2015

Strong job growth and a sharp rise in optimism could trigger an influx of increasingly confident job seekers who want to pursue new opportunities. To combat increased competition for jobs, current candidates must raise their game—getting even more strategic and proactive in job search activities. Here are seven tips for conducting a successful job search in a competitive job market.

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